What you need to know about Lobito

Lobito is a town and municipality in Benguela Province in Angola. It is located on the Atlantic Coast north of Catumbela Estuary.
Population: 324,050(2014)
Area: 3,648 km²


The Angolan Kwanza is the currency of Angola. The currency code for Kwanza is AOA, and the currency symbol is K.
Coins: KZ1, KZ2, Kz5, 10,50.
Notes: Kz10, Kz50, Kz100, Kz200, Kz500, Kz1000, Kz2000.
Central bank: National Bank of Angola.


The languages of Angola are predominantly Bantu and Portuguese


The climate in Lobito is called a desert climate. … The average annual temperature is 23.9 °C in Lobito. In a year, the average rainfall is 304 mm.


Lobito is the terminus of the Benguela Railway.
The Port of Lobito is located in Lobito Bay on a sandspit approximately 4.8 km long. The port is administered by the Empresa Portuaria do Lobito. The Port of Lobito handles 2,000,000 tonnes of cargo and 370 ships annually, and along with economic development in the Benguala region, port facilities are under expansion.
Lobito does not have its own airport. The city is located 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) from Catumbela Airport and 33 kilometres (21 mi) from Benguela Airport.


It dates from 1905 and owes its existence to the bay of the same name having been chosen as the sea terminus of the Benguela railway to the far interior, passing through Luau to Katanga in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The city is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The population is 324,050 (2014) in an area of 3,648 km². The municipality consists of the communes Canjala, Egipto Praia and Lobito.
The city was founded on September 2, 1913 and holds an annual celebration for the occasion.